Friday, December 2, 2011

Super Cute Super Easy Christmas Card Idea

Okay, so I joined another Handmade Christmas Card Swap this year! I wanted to find something cute and easy to make multiples of. I also wanted something in the card to double as a Christmas Ornament. So after some searching online I found this super cute and easy "JOY" card from Disney Family Fun online. You can also find the tutorial here.

Basically all you need for this project is:

Black Cardstock

Plain Blank Notecards

Orange Marker

Black fine point Sharpie

Candy Cane Stickers

White/or Black Rub On Alphabet (optional)

Glue Dots

Metal-rim key tags

1. For the "O" in Joy you are going to use the metal-rim key tag and decorate it like a snowman. Black for the eyes and mouth; orange for the carrot nose. Cut a top hat out of the black cardstock and attatch to the key tag with a glue dot. Now decorate the hat however you want to. For mine I used some holiday stickers, cut out poinsettias out of some scrapbook paper, or cut a candy cane and made a sort of ribbon on the hat. They turned out pretty cute (see pictures below)

2. To attach the "O" to the card, drape the key tag string over the top of the card and secure it with a candy cane sticker.

3. Now you are going to finish spelling the word "JOY" on the card. Use one candy cane as the "J". For the "Y" you are going to cut a candy cane in half and then stick the "u" shape on top of the bottom half of the candy cane sticker to form the "Y".

4. Ta Da! Super easy and Super cute card to send to all of your friends and family! Don't forget to write a nice Christmas Greeting on the inside!

I think the backwards "J" on this one is kinda cute!
Gotta love the snowflake sticker!

This is my girl snowman card. I added some eyelashes and cut out a cute poinsettia out of some christmas scrapbook paper I had on hand. Super Chic! Also note on this one I did not use the candy cane stickers but some Alphabet Rub Ons instead.

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