Monday, December 19, 2011

The Cats Love to Help with Christmas

The Cats have really enjoyed helping us get into the Holiday Spirit this year. Little Kitten really liked the Victorian Tree we put up in our back den.

ooh. shiny.

I'm hiding so you can't see all the ornaments I'm pulling off the tree.

At mom's house her babies helped us when we were in our craft world. On a table full of stuff they always seem to know to sit on the one piece of stuff you are working on. ha ha.

See! we are helping!
Oh they have been helping all right. Every time we go by Mom and Dad's we always hear how they are climbing the tree or dragging ornaments all over the house. Mom is so thrilled. They are so lucky they are cute.

Stinky has also been helping. He has found the new Santa hat we just bought and put in a chair. That is his new napping area. I tried to take a picture but he moved. Maybe I'll get a good one later.

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Casey said...

So cute! I forgot your mom has some new babies... They are adorable!!! I will have to post some pictures of Bruno and my Christmas tree :D I miss youuuuu