Friday, June 17, 2011

Today was right out of a Fairy Tale

I had an Amazing Day today!! Let me tell you the whole story; It started like this:

Yesterday afternoon, Mom and I drove to Charleston because we had to be at Drayton Hall this morning at 9am for my bridal portraits! We got turned around once and had to call Jeremy for directions, typical. lol. I knew this was going to happen. I always get lost. What was really funny was that I had my GPS and I had printed out directions from mapquest. But they were conflicting with each other, go figure. But we made it to the Comfort Inn in one piece. The room was huge! When we walked in there was even a jacuzzi tub right there in the room! Mom and I looked at it and then busted out laughing!!

So we got settled, got out all of our potions and lotions, watched a little tv, and fluffed out my dress so that it wouldn't wrinkle. Then we got hungry. (wait for it folks) Mom didn't want to drive anywhere so I was like okay. We looked across the street from the hotel parking lot and we see Myabi's Japanese restaurant. So we were like "oooo, sushi; and we can walk!" People, this place was right across the street from our hotel but could we just walk across the street to go and sit down to eat? NO. There were fences, and more fences, and barbed wire on some of those fences. We had to walk a good 6 or 7 blocks to get to the freakin restaurant we could literally throw a stone at from our window. ROFL! If it was that easy, it wouldn't have been us. Dinner was actually really good. We were stuffed by the end of dinner. And then we had to walk all the way back to the hotel. hahaha.

After showering and getting ready for bed, I was just too excited to sleep. So I kept waking up like every 3 hours. lol. I couldn't help it! When the alarm went off at 6:30am I did not really want to get up but then the excitement kicked in again and I was up and getting ready. Mom did my hair (after a cup of coffee of course) and then we went downstairs to get breakfast.

At 8:30 we checked out and got everything in the car. We made it to Drayton Hall and I gotta tell you , I love the entrance to the Hall. It was like you were being transported to another time. :) We met Natalie Baker and she showed us to the Library to get dressed. My dress fits!! yay!! we got it zipped and I was so happy. Mom did all of my makeup and I had the perfect jewelry; mom went shopping with me and we got some pearl and amethyst earrings and a drop pearl necklace. And I got to wear my veil! Mom worked so hard on it and I think it looked beautiful! I never actually got to see myself in all my wedding wear so I can't wait to see the pictures!

Taking the pictures was Amazing! I felt like a model! I think one of my favorite parts of the day was when a group of school kids saw me. They just stared and waved to me! It was so cute! Then when we were walking past them, one little girl said I looked like a "Fairy Princess" and another little girl said "no, it's Cinderella!" That made me so happy! I really can't wait to see the pictures! Then the hard part will be trying to pick out my favorites and narrowing those down to the one we will have blown up on a canvas for the reception. =)

Exactly 3 more months till the big day!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is there such a thing as Dadzilla? lol, jk

We are almost to the 3 month mark! 0_o woah. Ok, so over the past weekend, two of my maids of honor came over and between the two of them, me, my mom and a whole lot of sangria slushy, we got all the invitations made! HURRAY!!! So now, all we have to do is finish the guest list, print out all the labels, stick them onto all the envelopes, put them all together, weigh one of them at the PO, buy some pretty stamps and voila! invitations down. Now we just have to do all of that by the end of July. haha. don't worry I think we can handle it. ;)

This weekend, well actually this Thursday, Mom and I are headed to Charleston! I am going to have my bridal pictures taken at Drayton Hall! I'm really excited!! And one of my maids of honor, Stephanie, is going to meet us there too! The only thing I am worried about is if it rains. It is calling for isolated Thunder Storms. Hopefully it will just be afternoon storms. So cross your fingers. The pictures are going to be from 9:30 to 11:30 so hopefully we will get some great pictures! :)

On Saturday we are going to taste the food that will be at the reception! It will be me, Jeremy, Mom, Dad, and Mom and Dad Fudge. I'm really happy that Mr. and Mrs. Fudge are able to come to the tasting. I want them to feel like they are a big part of this wedding and I really want to hear their opinions.

Okay, back to the title of this post. My Dad has become a Bridezillah. I don't know what to do about it. I keep telling him to chill out. but does he listen to me? no. okay, it started with the drink selection. I think he has flip flopped over a full bar or beer and wine like 5 times now. He also stresses over: what if people have too much to drink? should we have police officers? i think we should hire a police officer? do we need a taxi service? do we need someone to park the cars for people? uggg. Then it was over the rentals. The farmer's almanac says that it will either rain or be cloudy on our wedding day. So Mr. Dupre called Palmetto Party Rental and told them just basics that we might need. A few weeks ago, Mom and I went over there to pick out linens. We figured we did not need a tent and all that stuff because (1) we dont' know what the weather will be like, (2) it will save money not having that stuff on there, and (3) we could always add it back later. Well Dad had a hissy fit over this because " we did not consult him". So everything is back on the rentals. I'm just watever. So now we just found out that there is a USC game on the same day as the wedding. c*%p. So, hahahaha, now, hahahaha, Daddy wants Mom to call the Highway Department to figure out where traffic is and if someone will be directing traffic. omg, hahahaha. its so not that big of a deal. Also, he asked Mom if we could move the reception to the churh. Are you Out Of Your Freakin Mind?!?!? NO NO NO! We already have a deposit down, we are going to taste the food on Saturday, and everything is set for this location!! No. OMG. Really dad? really?
I emailed him and told him to take a chill pill. I asked Mom what he said and she said he just laughed. I mean, come on daddy, this is why we are hiring people. So that THEY can take care of all this stuff; not you. Don't stress out! You are making me stress out! I'm the one getting married and I was not worried about any of this stuff. I'm still not! If it takes a little longer to get to the reception, then it will take a little longer. What matters is that by the end of the day Jeremy and I will be married! :) That's all that really matters in the long run. After a few years all of this planning and stressing will just be really funny memories and stories.

What do yall think?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This That and the Other

Okay, so not much to report right now. Summer has started and things are pretty quiet. Jeremy is taking Bar Prep Classes; but he is done by 12:00/ 1:30 so it's great to see him when I get home from work. In fact, I think this is probably my favorite part of my day. You see, when I get home Jeremy ALWAYS comes running to the door with a big hug. It makes the whole day better. Especially when I've been stressing over something or work is crazy. Just another reason why I love him soo much!

Wedding plans are pretty much done with the planning phase. Some of my bridesmaids are coming over next weekend to help me put together the invitations. I'm halfway done with the wedding favors. ( I think I'm going to get my Aunt and cousins from Arizona to help me finish them up when they get here in Sept) Bridal Portrait is in a few weeks. I LOVE my hair!! It turned out sooo pretty! And it looks totally natural! I love being a red head. Really the only thing left is to go and pick out linens, block some hotel rooms, and buy gifts. huh. I just have one word to say to that: AWESOME!!! Now if only September will get here sooner rather than later. =)