Thursday, June 2, 2011

This That and the Other

Okay, so not much to report right now. Summer has started and things are pretty quiet. Jeremy is taking Bar Prep Classes; but he is done by 12:00/ 1:30 so it's great to see him when I get home from work. In fact, I think this is probably my favorite part of my day. You see, when I get home Jeremy ALWAYS comes running to the door with a big hug. It makes the whole day better. Especially when I've been stressing over something or work is crazy. Just another reason why I love him soo much!

Wedding plans are pretty much done with the planning phase. Some of my bridesmaids are coming over next weekend to help me put together the invitations. I'm halfway done with the wedding favors. ( I think I'm going to get my Aunt and cousins from Arizona to help me finish them up when they get here in Sept) Bridal Portrait is in a few weeks. I LOVE my hair!! It turned out sooo pretty! And it looks totally natural! I love being a red head. Really the only thing left is to go and pick out linens, block some hotel rooms, and buy gifts. huh. I just have one word to say to that: AWESOME!!! Now if only September will get here sooner rather than later. =)

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