Monday, April 30, 2012

Blackville, SC

Sorry for such a delay. It's been a very busy week. Last Thursday Jeremy and I went to Blackville, SC for lunch and a trip to get some drinking water. First we went to Miller's Bread Basket. Oh My Goodness. SO GOOD! I LOVE this place! It is a family owned and run restaurant. They sell good ole fashion southern food. I always get their fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and some sort of vegetable. Jeremy loves their fried chicken livers. But the best thing that Miller's makes is their bread! They make all of their bread from scratch and I swear it is the BEST bread in the whole world! We always come back with a loaf or two. Our favorite so far are: White, Garlic and Onion, and Oatmeal. 
If you are ever near Blackville, SC at lunch time you Have to Try This Restaurant!
This is the best Business Hours Signs Ever in the history of Ever. LOL!!!

I HATE the water here in Bamberg. It smells funny and it tastes funny. So instead of buying bottled water from the grocery store, we bought a few 2 liter jugs and go to Healing Springs to get water instead. Healing Springs is the only acre in America that is owned by God. People come from all over to come and get water. It tastes so much better. To learn more about Healing Springs check out these websites: here and here.

Source: here.

My Birthday is on Wednesday and we are having an awesome Garden Party next Saturday so the Next few posts will feature all of that cool awesomeness. Get Excited!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Touring Rural South Carolina Part 2

Yesterday, Jeremy took me on a tour of Hampton county. Before we got there we went and walked around the Battle of Rivers Bridge Historical site in Bamberg county. The Battle of Rivers Bridge was fought during the "late unpleasantness" (or the Civil War, for those of you who are not from the South). It was 5000 union soldiers versus 1200 confederate soldiers. It was the last defensive effort by the confederates against the march of Sherman's army towards Columbia. Obviously the yankees won.

You can still see the earth works formed by the Confederate soldiers.

This is all that remains of the Rivers Bridge. People say that at night you can still hear and sometimes see the ghosts of the Confederate and Union soldiers that died in the river.

The Big Salkehatchie River

Jeremy said that astronomers LOVE coming out to Rivers Bridge because it is in the middle of nowhere and it is a big dark hole which equals awesome star gazing. Hampton was very cute. I love going to these towns and looking at their main streets. But you can definitely tell that the economy has hit these small towns pretty hard. There are still some local stores that are pushing through these hard times but there are a lot of vacant buildings and for sale signs. I sincerely hope we do not lose these beautiful little rural southern towns. 
Next stop = Walterboro! Can't wait!

Touring Rural South Carolina Part 1

A few days ago, Jeremy took me on a tour of rural South Carolina. On the first day we visited Barnwell and Allendale counties. I LOVE living in the rural south. It is so quiet and so peaceful. 

 Here are few pictures that I took:

This is Smyrna Baptist Church built in the 1820s in Allendale county.

The next church requires a little story. A man named William Robinson Erwin got kicked out of Smyrna Baptist Church because of a little drinking and gambling problem. According to the church documents he was excommunicated for heresy. So he decided to build his own church: Antioch Christian Church.

This church was built in 1833 (and it is right down the road from Smyrna Baptist Church). There are now several Antioch Christian Churches located all over the south. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Book Nook and a Shabby Chic Guest Room

Today I'm going to share with you two of my other favorite rooms. Our Book Nook upstairs and our Upstairs Guest Bedroom. They still need curtains but I LOVE how they turned out.

This is such a great space to relax and read a book!

One of my new favorite motto's

Homemade pillow my Mom made

Another motto I absolutely fell in love with. Found it on another one of my favorite blogs: Tattered and Inked. (click to get the printable too!)

Our Shabby Chic Guest Bedroom! I LOVE how it turned out! So pretty and welcoming. Most of the decor is made by my Mom and my late Grandmother.

LOVE decorating with quilting hoops. Grandma made the blue butterfly.

Stinky has found himself a nice spot for a nap

My Mom helped me recover the chair and we used some old fashioned guest towels that my Grandma embroidered to decorate.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Parlor Reveal

Goodness gracious... the past few days have just been a whirlwind! We got all of our big furniture from our old house to our new house on Tuesday. I am so glad we hired professional movers cuz when I say big furniture, I mean BIG furniture. And I'm glad I didn't have to haul it up the stairs. Then my Mom came and brought us the curtains she made for our bedroom. That was a chore putting them up but the end result it just beautiful! All of my down time I have spent trying to get all of the rooms just how I want them. So I'm going to start with the Parlor. I think this is my new favorite room in the house! It turned out amazing!

There was a huge old piano in the room when we moved in (it does not work) i decided to re-purpose it into a picture table.

Here is our old game table. I still can't get over how much smaller our furniture looks in this house.

All of our great memories!

This is Jeremy's contribution to the decor: a porcelain pee-pot. He was so excited when he found it in an antique store; I was like "oh no". I had such a darn time trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my table decorations. So this is my best attempt because I just couldn't tell Jeremy no pee-pot because he was so proud of it. LOL

Sunday, April 8, 2012

And that's no yolk

Happy Easter Yall!

I hope everyone had a great day with their friends and families! This post is very picture heavy but I just wanted to share everything about our Easter this year with you!

This year we celebrated Easter with Jeremy's family in McClellanville and I was assigned to dye the Easter eggs for the Fudge family Easter dinner.

Getting everything ready on my kitchen table.

Easter Egg dye!

Pictures of the finished products.
These are all dyed eggs that I decorated with permanent markers.
It was so much fun!! And everyone LOVED them so I'm pretty sure I will be voted to do them again in two years.

We had the pleasure of going to Wren's Chapel in McClellanville with Jeremy's Grandparents this morning. They made it to double digits in attendance (10) with us there!
(Look at that sharp suit!)

After eating a wonderful Easter supper; we went hunting for Easter eggs in the backyard.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012