Sunday, April 8, 2012

And that's no yolk

Happy Easter Yall!

I hope everyone had a great day with their friends and families! This post is very picture heavy but I just wanted to share everything about our Easter this year with you!

This year we celebrated Easter with Jeremy's family in McClellanville and I was assigned to dye the Easter eggs for the Fudge family Easter dinner.

Getting everything ready on my kitchen table.

Easter Egg dye!

Pictures of the finished products.
These are all dyed eggs that I decorated with permanent markers.
It was so much fun!! And everyone LOVED them so I'm pretty sure I will be voted to do them again in two years.

We had the pleasure of going to Wren's Chapel in McClellanville with Jeremy's Grandparents this morning. They made it to double digits in attendance (10) with us there!
(Look at that sharp suit!)

After eating a wonderful Easter supper; we went hunting for Easter eggs in the backyard.


Aquinas' Goose said...

Y'all look absolutely wonderful... although I would pay money to see Jeremy in a bow tie :P Your eggs are lovely, glad to see y'all had such a wonderful trip and were able to aid the church attendance. Happy Easter!

Casey said...

You look so happy!!