Thursday, April 28, 2011


okay, first, i got on the scale and...... 204!!!!! YAY!!!!! 5 more pounds and i'll be under 200 pounds!!!! I'm really enjoying going for walks/jogs with Jeremy. And i've got a really cool reward system. Everytime we walk and i do a good job, Jeremy gives me a little dove dark chocolate as a reward! yummy. Also I am LOVING how my legs are looking now. I don't think they have ever been this toned.

Next, I get to take my bridal portraits at Drayton Hall!!! I was told that they are no longer allowing bridal portraits but because my future father in law used to be the assistant director, I got special permission to have my pictures taken there! YAY! I can't wait and I know they are going to turn out to be beautiful!!

I get to go and get my dress on May 20th. We are going to try a different foundation and I've lost a few pounds so hopefully it will fit like a glove this time! cross your fingers!!!!!

We are going to go and talk about catering on May 15th. I've got so many questions for the caterer. And it's really exciting because this is probably going to be Jeremy and Dad's favorite meeting. lol. men and their food.

I still have to find a baker to make my cake. The caterer gave me a number and i'll call them tomorrow. So i'll let you know when I know something.

So much stuff to do!!! Less than 5 months to go!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cross it off the List!

This marks the Official 5 month Countdown! Only 5 months till i get to say I DO!! yay!

Okay, so we officially ordered our invitations and our thank you cards on Friday. I think they will look beautiful! So once I get an online proof in my email and okay it, they will hopefully be here in a few weeks. So that means, all my beautiful columbia bridesmaids, that we will get to spend a few weekends together watching wedding movies and putting together wedding invitations. yay! (don't worry we will provide food, so it won't all be work)

We also ordered Jeremy's groom's cake! This cake is going to be amazing yall! The sketches the baker brought look so cool! I can't wait to see it finished.

I have emailed the coordinator at Dupre's and we will hopefully have a meeting after the first week of May.

Oh my goodness, the next three weeks are going to be so busy! I've got a doctor's appt. on Thurs, I go and try on/ pick up my dress on Friday (hopefully this time will be better), my cousin's birthday is Sat., Easter is on Sunday, We are going to have a yard sale (to raise money for the wedding/honeymoon) the next Sat., My birthday is May 2nd, Jeremy and my brother's girlfriend graduate on May 6th (at different times, jeremy graduates in the morning, then we are having a bbq at our house for lunch, then natalie graduates in the afternoon!) , Natalie's birthday is May 7th, and then Mother's Day is May 8th! WOW! That is a lot of stuff!!!! It should make the time fly by though, so that's good.

Well, i'm going to go and start dinner. Talk to ya later!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Don't Stress/ Freak out till July"

That is what my mother keeps telling me about wedding plans. "Don't start freaking/ stressing out until July", we still have plenty of time to fix stuff and plan things out. Today marks 5 months 5 days until I become Mrs. Fudge. This is totally exciting!!! I'm trying to just let all the elements come together on their own (with the help of mom of course). The only detail i really want to get perfect is my dress. When i tried on my dress last April, I fell in love instantly! It is gorgeous!!! And of course, like a lot of other brides, I have been trying to lose some weight so that all of my pictures are perfect as well. I think I've been doing a really good job of this. In January I weighed 222 pounds. Today I weigh 208. That's 14 pounds!!!! My goal is 190 but I would be very happy with 199/198. That is only 10 more pounds! So I have to pat myself on the back for losing those 14 lbs. I'm going to try really hard to lose those last few pounds. BUT.... last Saturday I went to my first dress fitting. I was really excited and really nervous about putting the dress on after a year. When I put on the dress I wanted to feel beautiful! I was really hoping they would have to take the dress in becuase of the weight I lost. but when i put the dress on, my heart broke inside. I could barely breath for one thing. The foundation I bought last April does not fit well at all. The other thing was that they had to let the dress out like one inch in the back. I just felt like all my hard work over the past few months was for nothing. :( I know that is not true, but I was just hoping you know? I Loved how the dress looked in the front and I Loved the way they are going to bustle the back. But I Hated how my back looked in the dress and my arms still look so fat. Even with all the push ups i've been doing! I know I'm probably over-reacting, but I just want to look perfect on my big day. Jeremy says I look beautiful no matter what I wear or what size my clothes are. (insert awwww here, he is such a sweetheart). And my mom and my bridemaids have been amazing with their support and advice. Jeremy and I have started walk/joging every other day and I've starte doing pilates on the days we do not walk. I have also given up soda again and I'm trying to cut down on my sugar. Hopefully when we go to pick up the dress I will be able to try on a bigger sized foundation and the dress will finally be perfect. Wish me luck!! I'll tell you about the other big stress balls later. Until next time!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How Cute are These Date Ideas!!!!

I Found some great date ideas Here. And I just loved them so much I had to share!! So Check it out! I personally want to try Numbers: 2, 6, and 17. How about you?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So Much Wedding Planning!!

Wow!!! Only 5 more months till I get to introduce myself as the new Mrs. Fudge!!! Holy Cow!!! We have been doing so much stuff for the wedding. So here is a little update on what we've done and what we've learned:

1. Putting engagement announcements in the paper is very frustrating and expensive! I had no idea!! The only paper that was easy was the one in Bamberg (free and no hassle). Jeremy's dad called me today and told me that our announcement was in the paper today! I'm so excited to see it!! Mrs. Fudge said she is going to mail one to me as soon as possible. I'll try to take a picture or try to find a link to post on here. But the other papers are so expensive and I have not heard from anyone else. I'm just waiting for quotes for prices!! ugg... see? frustrating.

2. I have my first dress fitting on Saturday!!! I'm super duper extremely excited about it!! I did not make my goal weight, but I'm very proud of myself for losing 15lbs. :) I'm really not that worried about the weight thing, I figure I'm going to be in a full skirt plus I got this corset like thing to wear too. So now I'm just going to focus on continuing to eat right and work more heavily on my arms and upper back (since people will see that). Oh, and there is a BIG difference between using 5lb weights and 8lb weights. lol.

3. Mom and I are going to meet with Jeremy's cake's baker on the 16th! I'm so excited to see the sketches for this cake. It's going to be AWESOME!!! Arrrrrggghhh. Pirates Ahoy!

4. I got all the guest lists from everybody! And wow, there are alot more people than I thought. We were talking about having about 150 people, but by the end of counting all the people, we are going to invite about 215 people. But this is also good news! Now we know how many invitations to order and we can give the caterer a better idea of how many people we will have.

5. Invitations: I Love the invitations we picked out! I think they are going to be beautiful! They have everything I wanted: a bow, a monogram, and PURPLE ink!! Jeremy even picked out the monogram! :) I can't wait to see them!

6. The Food: Okay, I love my dad very much, but he is super going overboard with this department! I don't even know what the budget is anymore! We were going to save some money by having a bar with beer, wine and two signiture drinks. Well, Dad decided he didn't like that and now we are going to have a full bar. LOL! We've started looking at the menus and I still have to email Mr. Dupre to set up a meeting but I think this will definitely be Daddy and Jeremy's favorite part of wedding planning.

7. Flower Girl and Ring Bearer: I picked out the dresses that they are going to wear! They are sooo cute!!! (see picture) They are going to be a light pink with purple flowers! I think they are going to be adorable!!!!!! :)

Well, that's really all I can think of at the moment. Jeremy and I are watching TRON! (the new one) and I'm getting a little distracted. Until next time!! Same Bat Show, Same Bat Channel! :)