Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Don't Stress/ Freak out till July"

That is what my mother keeps telling me about wedding plans. "Don't start freaking/ stressing out until July", we still have plenty of time to fix stuff and plan things out. Today marks 5 months 5 days until I become Mrs. Fudge. This is totally exciting!!! I'm trying to just let all the elements come together on their own (with the help of mom of course). The only detail i really want to get perfect is my dress. When i tried on my dress last April, I fell in love instantly! It is gorgeous!!! And of course, like a lot of other brides, I have been trying to lose some weight so that all of my pictures are perfect as well. I think I've been doing a really good job of this. In January I weighed 222 pounds. Today I weigh 208. That's 14 pounds!!!! My goal is 190 but I would be very happy with 199/198. That is only 10 more pounds! So I have to pat myself on the back for losing those 14 lbs. I'm going to try really hard to lose those last few pounds. BUT.... last Saturday I went to my first dress fitting. I was really excited and really nervous about putting the dress on after a year. When I put on the dress I wanted to feel beautiful! I was really hoping they would have to take the dress in becuase of the weight I lost. but when i put the dress on, my heart broke inside. I could barely breath for one thing. The foundation I bought last April does not fit well at all. The other thing was that they had to let the dress out like one inch in the back. I just felt like all my hard work over the past few months was for nothing. :( I know that is not true, but I was just hoping you know? I Loved how the dress looked in the front and I Loved the way they are going to bustle the back. But I Hated how my back looked in the dress and my arms still look so fat. Even with all the push ups i've been doing! I know I'm probably over-reacting, but I just want to look perfect on my big day. Jeremy says I look beautiful no matter what I wear or what size my clothes are. (insert awwww here, he is such a sweetheart). And my mom and my bridemaids have been amazing with their support and advice. Jeremy and I have started walk/joging every other day and I've starte doing pilates on the days we do not walk. I have also given up soda again and I'm trying to cut down on my sugar. Hopefully when we go to pick up the dress I will be able to try on a bigger sized foundation and the dress will finally be perfect. Wish me luck!! I'll tell you about the other big stress balls later. Until next time!!!

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Casey said...

Yes!! The dress will be amazing