Saturday, December 31, 2011

If you need a good laugh

Okay, so I'm sure December is very busy for everybody. And if you don't know, I always lose my marbles. And this year I did some stuff that was so funny that I'm going to share it with you. So if you've had a bad day and you need a good laugh, please read on:

First, and this is so embarrassing, I was wrapping Christmas presents in our back den. When I was done I was going to put the wrapping paper back in the living room with the rest of it. So I had the wrapping paper in my hand, going through the kitchen, heading for the kitchen door to the living room ... and .... THUD. I'm suddenly rebounded backwards and thinking "what just happened?" It actually took me a minute to figure out that I was holding the wrapping paper horizontal (which was bigger than the door frame) and that I needed to hold it vertically. Jeremy still laughs and brings this up whenever possible.

Second, I was going to bed because I was really really tired and Jeremy is saying goodnight and then thinks that it is a good time to discuss movies. So he starts listing all these movies, asking me whether I've seen them or not. (A lot of the movies he asked me about were really old and I've never even heard of them). I'm so tired at this point yall, I mean I am fading fast...and Jeremy asks me "have you ever seen cartoon?" (this is what I heard) So I'm like no, but I've seen a movie where Brad Pitt turns into a cartoon. Jeremy starts laughing histerically and he's like "Khartoum; not cartoon". In my defense, did I mention that I was really really tired?

So I hope that put a smile on your faces.

Happy New Year and I'll talk to yall again in 2012!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby Blocks for Anna

Okay, so remember a few weeks ago Mom and I had a craft day? Well now that it is after Christmas I can show you what we really worked on. My cousin Ashely just had another beautiful baby girl named Anna. Anna is now 4 months old and Mom and I really wanted to make her something special instead of buying something from Toys R Us for Christmas. So when I was in blog world I ran across this great tutorial for baby blocks from The Magic Bean. Here are pictures of the finished products. We used some of our favorite pictures (that I stole from Ashley's facebook albums) and put them on cotton fabric paper sheets. Too Cute! I put Anna's name on the smallest block as per the tutorial, used the nursery rhymes from the tutorial, and then for the biggest block I went through Ashley's blog and copied and pasted all the things she said about Anna (and some stuff from Ava too). Mom and I used lots of bright colors and lots of Mary Englebreit fabric. I did all the computer stuff, Mom did all the sewing, and I stuffed all the blocks. I think it turned out awesome! I hope Anna loves them and I hope she will keep them as a keepsake when she gets older.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had so much fun celebrating our First Christmas as Husband and Wife! This year we went down to Bamberg, SC and spent Christmas Day with Jeremy's parents. It was so much fun! We played Christmas Trivia Games, played Christmas music on the piano, watched Christmas movies, and we got to go and see the Christmas Lights in Orangeburg. It was a little weird not seeing my Mom on Christmas morning but Mama and Papa Fudge made me feel so included in their traditions that the day just flew by because of all the fun we had.

Me and Jeremy 2011
The Christmas Tree and Loot after Santa came.

The "Disney" Christmas Tree Mama Fudge set up in our bedroom.

Jeremy took his job as Santa's Elf very seriously.
Mama Fudge opening her stocking by the tree.

One of Jeremy's letters to Santa when he was little.

The Beautiful Dining Table. We had a GREAT meal! We had spiced apple onion pork chops, shrimp cocktails, duck with cranberry sauce (homemade by Mama Fudge), rice, collard greens, and creamed corn. For dessert Mama Fudge made a chocolate orange torte that was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Jeremy and I brought Christmas Poppers so that is where all the party hats came from.

It was such a great day! We got back to Columbia just in time to go to my Grandfather's to see and visit with everybody there. Then after that Jeremy and I went over to my Mom and Dad's and exchanged presents there too! I'm so happy we got to spend time with all of the people we love and hold dear to our hearts.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sneak Peek of Christmas in Bamberg

Yup that is a Huge Pine Tree in the main hallway. I'm so excited!
I promise to post more pictures after Christmas!

From My Family to Yours:
Happy Holidays and a
Merry Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Dream Home

First, here is the picture of Stinky I promised. Isn't he cute?

Now onto our Dream Home. It was so much fun putting together. This was our project for the 8th Day of Christmas.
Jeremy's So Excited!!

Decorating our Dream House!

I'm Supervising

Now I'm decorating

He looks so impressed by our work. lol.

Ta Da! The Finished Product. Isn't it beautiful?

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Cats Love to Help with Christmas

The Cats have really enjoyed helping us get into the Holiday Spirit this year. Little Kitten really liked the Victorian Tree we put up in our back den.

ooh. shiny.

I'm hiding so you can't see all the ornaments I'm pulling off the tree.

At mom's house her babies helped us when we were in our craft world. On a table full of stuff they always seem to know to sit on the one piece of stuff you are working on. ha ha.

See! we are helping!
Oh they have been helping all right. Every time we go by Mom and Dad's we always hear how they are climbing the tree or dragging ornaments all over the house. Mom is so thrilled. They are so lucky they are cute.

Stinky has also been helping. He has found the new Santa hat we just bought and put in a chair. That is his new napping area. I tried to take a picture but he moved. Maybe I'll get a good one later.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Lights at the Zoo

Here are some pictures from the Christmas Lights at the Riverbanks Zoo. It was soo much fun! This was Jeremy's FIRST time EVER to see the lights at the zoo. I was so happy that I got to be the first person to share them with him. We got hot chocolate and we it was just sooo nice. They have a HUGE Christmas tree with lots of lights this year that is synchronized to Christmas music. It was AWESOME!! This is one my favorite Christmas traditions.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It Looks Like Christmas!!

The Fudge Household is all decorated for Christmas!!!

I decided to go for a gold theme on the dining room table.

Very simple mantel decorations. Some of the printables I found on the internet and some I found on Tattered and Ink Blog here.

Our Santa Village. Jeremy has been collecting these since he was little. There are still a bunch in Bamberg which we will get one of these days.

We did not have a star or an angel for our tree this year. But Jeremy came home the other day with this wonderful ornament (his Mom gave it to him) so we decided to put him at the top of the tree. How Awesome is this! Pirate Santa Claus !

Here is our Christmas Tree this year.

Our ornament for 2011.

Our Santa Tree

I love having the house all decorated for Christmas! Do yall like our decorations this year?

Crafty Saturday

Today I went over to my Mom's house to finish up some Christmas Crafts. I can't show you all of them becuase we worked on a really special Christmas Present for someone who reads my blog, but I'll try to upload those pictures after Christmas. Enjoy!

This is the yarn wreath I made for Mom this year. Isn't it pretty!! I love how it turned out.

Close up of the bird.
A new obsession of mine: bobby pins! These are a few I did with felt and buttons.

These are made with resin flowers.

I also made some really cute paper clips with resin flowers.