Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby Blocks for Anna

Okay, so remember a few weeks ago Mom and I had a craft day? Well now that it is after Christmas I can show you what we really worked on. My cousin Ashely just had another beautiful baby girl named Anna. Anna is now 4 months old and Mom and I really wanted to make her something special instead of buying something from Toys R Us for Christmas. So when I was in blog world I ran across this great tutorial for baby blocks from The Magic Bean. Here are pictures of the finished products. We used some of our favorite pictures (that I stole from Ashley's facebook albums) and put them on cotton fabric paper sheets. Too Cute! I put Anna's name on the smallest block as per the tutorial, used the nursery rhymes from the tutorial, and then for the biggest block I went through Ashley's blog and copied and pasted all the things she said about Anna (and some stuff from Ava too). Mom and I used lots of bright colors and lots of Mary Englebreit fabric. I did all the computer stuff, Mom did all the sewing, and I stuffed all the blocks. I think it turned out awesome! I hope Anna loves them and I hope she will keep them as a keepsake when she gets older.

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