Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Craft Exchange and a Birthday Party!

So if yall remember, I joined a Holiday Craft Exchange this year. My partner in this craft exchange was Penny from Charlottesville, VA and I made her a really cool holiday yarn wreath. You can see it here. I received her gift to me in the mail the other day and I am so excited to share it with you! It is AWESOME!! She made me a super cute T-shirt Scarf! And in my favorite color!! She also included a really cute button wreath ornament for our tree. I loved being in this craft exchange! I can't wait to participate in another one.

Here is a picture of the scarf and the ornament.
A close-up of the rosettes on the scarf. Too Cute!!!

A close-up of the super cute button wreath ornament! I can't wait to try to make one myself.

On Friday we celebrated my wonderful Little Brother's 24th Birthday! We went out to one of our favorite restaurants: Sakura's. When I say favorites I mean a restaurant my family has been going to since Jamie and I were in diapers. When we were really little, Mom and Dad would bring McDonald's to the restaurant for us and they would eat sushi. Then we graduated to terriyaki chicken and now we go there as much as possible. My husband on the other hand "does not eat bait". But we did find a new favorite for him at the restaurant; a pork and egg dish on rice. (he kept threatening to ask the waiter for some gravy and collards to go with it; omg) So now hopefully we can go there on a few date nights.

It was so much fun to have dinner and celebrate Jamie's birthday as a family. I think we laughed till we cried on several occasions. Yes... we were THOSE people in the restaurant. And yes I did see that a lot of the other people there trying to enjoy their dinner were giving us the stink eye but so what. We were having fun and that is what is important.

I got to wear my new scarf!

Jeremy, Me, and Jamie

Dan, Dad, and Mom

Me and Mom

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Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

The scarf looks great! :) Just stopping by from the Gift Exchange Link-up; it is such a fun event! Happy Holidays!