Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Kitchen Reveal!

Here is my new kitchen!! I LOVE how it turned out! The antique pie safe holds all of my linens and spices. I have a huge pantry to hold all of my canned goods and big bulky kitchen gadgets. There is a side porch that goes off the kitchen that is awesome. I imagine some rocking chairs out there some day. And I have a kitchen table now! I love getting up and having my coffee and breakfast at a kitchen table.

Love the organization in the cupboards! And check out my awesome vintage 1950s pink and black china!

Here is the gallery wall that I worked so hard on. My mother did the embroidery at the top in the gold frame and my late grandmother hand-stitched the embroidery sampler that is framed in green. The "F" monogram in the middle I found and printed online here. (you can make your own too; and it's free!) The plate that is in the plate holder is part of my Autumn Leaf Jewel T collection. And I found the cute "Eat, Drink, and be Hairy" cat print at the local craft show.

Don't you just LOVE? Stay tuned for more reveals later!

New House Preview!

Jeremy and I are still working hard to get our new house looking awesome. Here is a little taste of some of the things we have accomplished and a tiny look into our new house.

This is what you see when you come in the back door. These are pictures of the house we are going to be living in. The bottom two are of the plantation house that a lot of the current house's features come from. The top picture is of the house now and the two pictures in the middle are of the house over the years (from when it was built to about 1918-ish). Very cool. When yall come over you will have to take a moment to look at them closer.

These are a grouping of paintings of the Edisto Island area in our den. We got them at a local auction.

Our parlor Mantel.

And our entry hall from the front door.

So what do you think? We are very excited about it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Housing Update

The Cats decided that they needed to help us pack.

Stinky & Little Kitten folding up carpets.

Painting the Guest Bedroom.

Painting the "Spa" upstairs Bathroom. It is such a small room, I don't know why someone painted it dark blue. Tan will look much better.

Jeremy and Papa Fudge painting away.

The new house is getting there. Only a few more things to do and we will be there for good. I'm getting tired of driving back and forth. I'm ready to settle and get all my stuff outta the boxes.