Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cross it off the List!

This marks the Official 5 month Countdown! Only 5 months till i get to say I DO!! yay!

Okay, so we officially ordered our invitations and our thank you cards on Friday. I think they will look beautiful! So once I get an online proof in my email and okay it, they will hopefully be here in a few weeks. So that means, all my beautiful columbia bridesmaids, that we will get to spend a few weekends together watching wedding movies and putting together wedding invitations. yay! (don't worry we will provide food, so it won't all be work)

We also ordered Jeremy's groom's cake! This cake is going to be amazing yall! The sketches the baker brought look so cool! I can't wait to see it finished.

I have emailed the coordinator at Dupre's and we will hopefully have a meeting after the first week of May.

Oh my goodness, the next three weeks are going to be so busy! I've got a doctor's appt. on Thurs, I go and try on/ pick up my dress on Friday (hopefully this time will be better), my cousin's birthday is Sat., Easter is on Sunday, We are going to have a yard sale (to raise money for the wedding/honeymoon) the next Sat., My birthday is May 2nd, Jeremy and my brother's girlfriend graduate on May 6th (at different times, jeremy graduates in the morning, then we are having a bbq at our house for lunch, then natalie graduates in the afternoon!) , Natalie's birthday is May 7th, and then Mother's Day is May 8th! WOW! That is a lot of stuff!!!! It should make the time fly by though, so that's good.

Well, i'm going to go and start dinner. Talk to ya later!

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