Thursday, April 28, 2011


okay, first, i got on the scale and...... 204!!!!! YAY!!!!! 5 more pounds and i'll be under 200 pounds!!!! I'm really enjoying going for walks/jogs with Jeremy. And i've got a really cool reward system. Everytime we walk and i do a good job, Jeremy gives me a little dove dark chocolate as a reward! yummy. Also I am LOVING how my legs are looking now. I don't think they have ever been this toned.

Next, I get to take my bridal portraits at Drayton Hall!!! I was told that they are no longer allowing bridal portraits but because my future father in law used to be the assistant director, I got special permission to have my pictures taken there! YAY! I can't wait and I know they are going to turn out to be beautiful!!

I get to go and get my dress on May 20th. We are going to try a different foundation and I've lost a few pounds so hopefully it will fit like a glove this time! cross your fingers!!!!!

We are going to go and talk about catering on May 15th. I've got so many questions for the caterer. And it's really exciting because this is probably going to be Jeremy and Dad's favorite meeting. lol. men and their food.

I still have to find a baker to make my cake. The caterer gave me a number and i'll call them tomorrow. So i'll let you know when I know something.

So much stuff to do!!! Less than 5 months to go!!!!!!!

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