Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cake Dress Invitations!

Okay, so Jeremy and I went to Starbucks on Gervais to meet with our Baker and it was Awesome!!! The cake is going to be red velvet (my favorite) and spice cake! yay!! And we got some yummy samples! Mr. Kittrell is from Iz Good Bakery and they are the nicest people i've ever met! You can find their website here or check them out on facebook here.

I went to my last alterations appointment yesterday. It was supposed to be at 3pm but we didn't get there until 3:20 (long story, ugg). But I got there and tried it on and it zipped!! yay!! I still was not 100% comfortable so we changed the foundation and it was a lot better. Then they bustled the dress and the sides did not look the same. So I stood on the pedestal for over an hour while they fixed everything. Now it looks great! I feel so beautiful in the dress! And I love all the detail when they bustle. Plus I like to twirl in the dress. ; ) Jeremy is going to really love it. I can't wait to see his face when I walk down the aisle.

Today Mom went and picked up my invitations!! I almost cried when i looked at the sample. They are AWESOME!!! Now i just have to finish the guest list and start assembling them. =) I'm so excited! Now that the actual invitations are in my hands, it just feels like the wedding is getting closer and closer!!!!

It's going to be a very very good day.

ps: i found this great recipe for tomato pie! I made some last night and it just hits the spot on a nice warm summer day. Enjoy it too!!

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