Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jekyll Island Pt. 4

Saturday night Jeremy took me out to dinner at the Jekyll Island Club Grand Dining Room. It was so romantic and perfect.

We love being silly

Jeremy was trying so hard not to laugh. Of course our serious picture came out blurry. haha

For dinner Jeremy had sea scallops with corn relish and chili sauce, seared duck breast with a cherry sauce and rice pilaf, and for dessert he had key lime pie. I had crab cakes with orange marmalade, filet mignon with boursin cheese and caramelized onions with pommes william (a fried mashed potato shaped like a pear), and this adorable turtle chocolate mousse.
how cute is that?? It's a turtle coming out of the water onto the beach and it even has little eggs! It was hard to eat but it was very yummy.
On Sunday Jeremy took me to the Georgia Turtle Center. We got to learn about a turtle's life cycle and then we got to visit some of the sick turtles in the turtle hospital. I love turtles so this was very cool!

After visiting the turtles we drove out to the beach one last time.

This trip was so wonderful! Jeremy did such a great job. This was such a great surprise! I Love You Jeremy! I Love being your wife!!!

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