Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Year Anniversary Part 1

Today Mama Fudge took us to Columbia to have brunch at Bonefish Grill to celebrate our One Year Anniversary! Our actual anniversary is tomorrow but I still can't believe it has been a whole year since that happy wonderful day! 

Mama Fudge with a Peach Bellini

Me and Jeremy!

For Brunch Mama Fudge and I had Creme Brulee French Toast with Marscapone cheese, mint, and strawberries and bacon. It was AMAZING!! Jeremy had a Chocolate Croissant and Bang Bang Shrimp. So Yummy!
Tomorrow we are going to exchange gifts and Mama Fudge is going to make us a special Anniversary Dinner. Can't Wait!

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Aquinas' Goose said...

That looks delicious! So glad you had a wonderful anniversary lunch, can't wait to hear the rest :)