Thursday, September 20, 2012

Anniversary Part 2

On Monday Jeremy had flowers sent to my office! Aren't they pretty? All my co-workers were jealous. lol. They told Jeremy that he could send flowers every week. haha  

After work, Jeremy and I exchanged presents. Jeremy picked his own bag. We went with the traditional route and exchanged "paper" presents.

I found this idea on pinterest and just knew I had to make one for Jeremy. He LOVED it!

I also had to make him a little puzzle

Jeremy bought me authentic 1920s Dennison Halloween Cut Outs in their original packaging! How AWESOME!!

We are too cute!
Mama Fudge made us dinner on Monday too! We had green beans, dirty rice, "crack" chicken (chicken wrapped in bacon and chipped beef in a cream of mushroom soup sauce), rolls, and derby pie for dessert.
Mama Fudge gave us some more of our wedding china

She put a cute Valentine's wreath that lit up

And we got to use real china and silver. It was wonderful!!!
Jeremy has a super exciting secret weekend vacation planned this weekend! We are leaving right after I get off work tomorrow! I can't Wait!!!!!

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