Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Decorations!

Here are pictures of all of our Halloween Decorations for 2012! Enjoy!!

Mantel #1 is the cutesy not so scary side of Halloween which includes a special appearance from Micky and Minnie Mouse and all of our Halloween Ducks

Mantel #2 is inspired by the Birds. I Love all the black birds everywhere. Very spooky

I put all of my vintage Halloween decorations on our new side-board. Super Cool

Spooky Hollow Halloween Village

Halloween Tree

The village included its own graveyard!

Halloween Mantel #3

We have a slight mouse infestation in the stair hall

oh and we have a few spiders

and a big spider
and a slight infestation in the kitchen

Witch's Kitchen!

Look at all those potions

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