Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Job!

I got a job! Yay! I am now part of the wonderful admissions team at USC Salkehatchie. It has been a little overwhelming, okay a lot of overwhelming, at first. There is a lot, and I mean A LOT, of information I have had to learn. But I am slowly getting the hang of things and I am actually starting to kinda like it. I am so happy to have a job. This came at the right time too. I've still been having a really hard time dealing with the death of Jeremy's father and this job really helps keep me focused on things other than being sad all the time. Some days I still feel like just lying in bed all day but having a job makes me get up and interact with other people. So this job has been a big blessing. Most of the time I will be hanging out in Allendale, SC but they have another campus in Walterboro, SC, so I will be helping out there too. All of my co-workers are awesome. They are all so nice...I love making new friends.

Yay USC Salkehatchie Campus!





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