Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Toilet Paper Tube Monster Mash

So, I don't know if you are like me, but I feel like I am constantly putting a new toilet paper roll in the bathrooms. So what do you do with the used ones? Well I used to throw them away, but then I started seeing those toilet paper roll wreaths online. So I thought, hey, I'll just start saving them! Well I made a few wreaths but it just wasn't enough. I wanted to paint something. I know Halloween is a long time away, but it is my FAVORITE holiday next to Christmas, so I figured I'd paint some cute Halloween couples on the empty toilet paper tubes and use them this year as decoration. So here you go. All I used was my imagination, toilet paper tubes, and some paint. All the backgrounds were drawn free hand on construction paper. I LOVE how they turned out. My favorite has to be the Bride of Frankenstein. She just turned out so cool looking. Monster Fans Enjoy!

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Aquinas' Goose said...

:D Too cute, that's a fun family project, too!