Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest Post: There are so many colors, man

Testing 123......Testing 123. Um, hi. This is Jeremy, Kim's husband and the perennially most awesome person in the room. So, Kim told me that I would "get" to dress her for a week and be my "paper doll". Now, at first I was suspect because this sounded somewhat like work, and I've never been particularly fond of that. It turned out that it was even more difficult than I thought. First of all, I never realized that so many colors existed. I mean like every color in the rainbow and 24 derivatives of each one. Half of my closet is khaki. So, after I recovered from my color induced epileptic fit, I got down to business. I tried to choose colors that I had always liked on Kim. The first day I went with blue. Kim said she looked like a kindergarten teacher, but I say if you are going to do a thing, then go all out. Blue dress, blue headband, blue earrings, blue socks and probably even blue tongue, but we didn't have the right flavor Popsicle. Still, I thought it was a pretty well coordinated effort. The next day I went with pink, save for jeans capris (and yes ladies, I do know what capris are....5 points!). Kim said it was much better. After that, I decided after so much color a little neutrality would be nice, and since it was frigid out, I chose the white long-sleeved top and jeans. After all, simplicity is usually brilliance. I almost liked this one best of all of them. Friday, it had been cloudy every day for like four days, so I needed something bright to stare at, and I figured hey, why not Kim! Again, I think she thought it looked like a teacher's outfit, but I couldn't tell since I had been blinded by my own colorful awesomeness. Finally on Saturday, I let her wear a skirt she just bought and a neutral top and headband. I think it was probably my second best. All in all, I think I did pretty good. I spent more time dressing her one day than I spend on myself all week. Which honestly gives me new respect for you, ladies. No wonder it takes you so long to dress! How you ever manage to reach into that rainbow and pull out just the right things is pretty amazing!


Aquinas' Goose said...

Two great, big thumbs up for you Jeremy!

Casey said...

Good job! I was pretty impressed. I think my favorites are the capris and the long sleeved outfits.