Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

Sorry I have not blogged lately. Big things are happening in the Fudge Household. I'm so excited to share them with you but I won't just yet. We are supposed to get some more news tomorrow so hopefully I will update this blog with the news on Wednesday. So check back in a few days.

Other than that... how was your New Years? We had a very laid back New Year's Eve. Papa Fudge gave us some champagne and we basically watched TV, drank champagne, watched the ball drop, and went to bed. It was actually kinda nice being so laid back. Did yall do anything fun? or did you also enjoy a lazy transition to 2012?

Do yall have any resolutions this year? Mine are usually the same EVERY year: lose weight, eat right, exercise more... Well I noticed on a few blogs that I read that some people assign a word or two to define the upcoming year. So, I gave it a lot of thought and decided that my words for 2012 are going to be CREATE and CHANGE.
Create because I am going to start up my craft and jewelry business again this year. I'm super excited. I've already got some great ideas for some new necklaces and I've decided to add hair accessories also. I'm going to call all the hair accessories "Kimmy Blossoms".
Change because there are going to be some major changes to our lives this year. We made our first "adult" decision as a married couple (more to come on Wednesday, remember?) Also because this year we are going to change all of our liabilities into assets. Finding jobs has been very challenging, we still have our fingers crossed that we will find something that will be a good fit but until then we have decided to put our hobbies and knowledge to work for us. (more on Wednesday too, I promise)

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Aquinas' Goose said...

I love the name "Kimmy Blossoms" for your hair pieces, reminds me a little of Big Bang Theory :)

Can't wait to hear more details about the changes! I know that you'll definitely be able to follow these themes and work your way through.