Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Own Witch's Kitchen!

This a great and very fun craft project for Halloween! And it was so easy! Here is a list of what is in my witch's kitchen and the ingredients to make your own:

What you will need - Jars of varying sizes. I used pint sized canning jars, empty sprinkles jars,and some glass jars I bought a Hobby Lobby on sale.

Eye of Scrod - Googly Eyes

Fairy Dust - Green Glitter

Deadly Nightshade - Dried Hydrangea Flowers on stem

Ghost Droppings - Mini Marshmallows

Twisted Twigs - Cinnamon Sticks

Hair of Muse - Doll Hair

Scary Dreams - Black Feathers

Grave Dirt - Ground Cinnamon

Coffin Nails - Picture nails and black dirt from outside

Snake Oil - Dollar Store Plastic Snakes and for the oil part add a

little bit of bleach + water + orange food coloring

Love Potion/ Vampire Blood/ Poison - Water + bleach + food coloring

Here are some sites that I used for ideas and how to: A Fanciful Twist and Halloween Alliance . But use your imagination! Anything can be turned into an ingredient for a witch's kitchen! Just think like a witch to give it a nice Halloween Label! Have Fun With It!

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