Sunday, November 4, 2012


This was probably the WORST Halloween ever. I was so sick I didn't even get to pass out candy and spent the night on the couch being conscious, unconscious, blowing my nose, or sneezing. It was awful. Jeremy and Mama Fudge made it a little better by carving pumpkins and Mama Fudge brought over sweet potato pancakes and turkey bacon. But I was just so uggg. And the worst part is that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. So hopefully this means that I won't be sick for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. Hopefully. 

I made it to work for a few hours on Wed and while I was there I took a few minutes to snap some pictures of the USC Salkehatchie Halloween Party. 

Cat in the Hat

Student trying to explain Beer Pong to one of the judges

Pumpkin Pi

Dean Carmichael's Pumpkin
When I got home (I had to leave work early) I got to see the awesome pumpkins Jeremy and Mama Fudge carved. Then I went straight to the couch. 

Jeremy carved a kitty on top of a pumpkin for me

Mama Fudge carved a gargoyle

Hopefully this cold will go away and next Halloween will be better.  I hope yall had a great Halloween and had lots of fun for me!

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Aquinas' Goose said...

The pumpkins look great, but I'm sorry you were so sick. Glad you're feeling good enough to go out this weekend (really wish I could come with y'all, but had already promised Rose so...). I had three bags of candy and 1 trick-or-treater. Le sigh.