Sunday, July 17, 2011

Official Two Month Mark!

63 More Days Before I become Mrs. Jeremy Fudge! :)

Today we went to Charleston for a luncheon hosted by Jeremy's Aunt and Uncle. It was so much fun!!! Aunt Chris decorated the table with all different shades of purple just like the wedding will be! It was so thoughtful and the food she made was terrific! We had potato and carrot soup, fruit, blueberry muffins, asparagus souffle, chicken stuffed with crabmeat, poached pears and bamberg chocolate cake. It was AWESOME!!! I can't thank them enough!! Here are some pictures from the party!

Me, Jeremy, Chris, and Royce

Jeremy, His Dad, and his Uncle

Me and Mommy!

Me and Jeremy

The very soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Fudge!!!! =D

Me and Grandma White

Me and Bethany

This last picture is one of my favorites! Look at how HUGE Alyson's Dog is!!! He was so sweet! Lots of Drool but such a sweet puppy!

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