Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sneek Peak!!

Okay, So next weekend my friend is coming for dinner and she is bringing her new boyfriend! I met him at our Halloween party, but did not get to talk to him much, being a hostess and all i was all over the place... So i thought maybe dinner would be nice. And since it's almost Valentine's day, I decided to do a Pink Valentine's Day Themed Dinner Party! I'm super excited! I just love a good excuse to throw a good ole fashioned Southern Dinner Party. So here is a sneek peak at some of the decorations i've made so far: the first picture is of my tissue paper pom pom and triangle banner! Super easy and super fun to make. I just guessed at the banner and the pom pom i used Martha Stewart's diy tutorial. The second picture are little hearts i decorated from Hobby Lobby to use as my placecards.

I'm also making a menu card, and hopefully these super cute charger plates made out of old records.

I'm sure it's going to be a great evening! I can't wait!!

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