Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year, New Stuff!

Okay, sorry about the long leave of absence. Work gets really crazy during the holidays and i'm just now slowing down to a pace that is more comforatable. Lots of things have happened since Thanksgiving!

1. Christmas was awesome! i got some brand new luggage for our cruise in March and our honeymoon in September (which by the way we are going to go to SCOTLAND!!!yay!!)

2. My cousin Ashley is going to have another baby!! i'm so excited!!

3. On a really sad note, our cat Talmadge lost his battle with heart disease on Jan. 8th. Mom and I were looking at invitations when jeremy called. He was fine that morning before we left. i even gave him some treats. And the night before he even had his favorite meal, chicken. But Jeremy said that he let him inside and he jumped up in his bed, and fifteen minutes later he started having a heart attack and he died in jeremy's arms. I'm still really hurting about this and it makes me cry typing it. i feel terrible that i wasn't there for him. Mom took me home immediately and i got to say goodbye to him on jeremy's bed. We put him in a box with some of his favorite toys and a letter telling him how much we love him. I still cry everytime i think about him and Jeremy says it will get better with time. Mom bought a little statue of a cat with wings that we put on his grave and mama fudge got us a tombstone with his name on it for us which should be here by the end of the week. I really miss him alot.

4.. Okay, Wedding stuff: We finally got a DJ for the reception. His name is TJ McKay and he also does a show on the oldies station in Columbia. real excited, i think he'll be perfect!

5. We picked out our invitations!! They are super cute! And they have everything i was looking for. They have a bow, monogram and we get to use purple ink! :) yay! i don' t have a picture but i hope to in the future! :) get excited!!

6. Earlier this month i started a kind of bridal boot camp thing. By the end of 2010, i weighed 220 lbs. I know, awful. So i've started a strict low calorie diet with lots of exercise. I love this dvd called walk away the pounds. I feel so much stronger! i still have to go and buy a new scale (mine broke, well actually i got really pissed off at it for telling me i was weighing more than when i started so it got put in the trash can) ... But, i did measure myself and i've lost 3 inches on my waist!! That is AWESOME!! i'm so proud of myself! I'm hopeing to get down to 190/180 by April, which i think is doable. I go for my first dress fitting in April so i'd really like to get to that ideal weight by then. After April, i'm going to start focusing on my arms and back, since that is what will be seen in the dress. So thats my plan. Any more suggestions and lots of encouragement would be much appreciated!
Well that's all i can think of right now. I will post again soon! Less than 8 Months to go!!

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Casey said...

Jeremy is right, Kim.. Time heals all wounds. It sucks now, I know, but eventually it will get better. Until then, don't feel bad about being sad! Looking forward to the wedding invitations and color swatches! (: Also, it is GREAT that you are getting back into shape. You are totally motivated to do it, and your goal is completely achievable--just keep your eyes on the prize! You are going to look SO gorgeous in your dress, and all your hard work will be worth it. Something I've heard that's effective: don't deprive yourself--just make healthier choices. Example: You go out to eat. Instead of getting the fettuccine alfredo and cheesecake(and the bread they bring you before you order), get the spaghetti with tomato sauce (go light on the parmesan), don't eat the bread, and split tiramisu or chocolate mousse with Jeremy. Also eat just half of your food and take the other half home. I also use's like a free dietitian. Try it!

Love you!!!