Monday, July 2, 2012

I Heart Montreat, NC

 This past week we decided to spend a few days in the mountains for a mini-vacation. It was so wonderful! I love the mountains...I just wish we could have beaten the heat. It was still over 100° in the mountains!But it was still a blast. Here are some pictures:

I See You SWAN!

Mrs. Teauber playing in one of the bands

Momma playing handbells
A Picture of the crowd at the Friday night concert. It was great but it was sooo hot in there

Denny's Breakfast

Pardon the zombies...It was still really early

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures from our visit to Biltmore

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Aquinas' Goose said...

We were breaking records down here too, I'm sure that it was far less humid up there though! Glad to see you had such a wonderful weekend :)