Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Almost Time!!!

Wow, we have hit the 5 Day Mark!!! I am so excited! This is going to be such a busy week! I've got last minute phone calls to make today and Mom and I have been running around all weekend. On Tuesday, Mom and I are going to go and have our hair done; AND my Aunt Mary, Uncle Steve, Cousins Katie and John are coming into town from Arizona!!!! I have not seen them since May so I'm really really happy they are going to be here. =)

On Wed. I do not have anything planned yet but I'm sure something will come up. lol. Thursday Mom, Grandma, Aunt Mary, Katie and I are going to go and have our nails done. And I'm HOPING (fingers crossed) that Jeremy and I can sneak away to the Greek Festival for a few minutes. I LOVE spanakopita and baklava. And hey if they decided to be here during my wedding weekend, why not go and enjoy?

Friday is going to be a GREAT day! My other aunts and cousins are hosting a bridesmaids luncheon at Nonnah's in the morning. I bought a really pretty dress to wear (Jeremy even said it looked like a "bride's/bridesmaids luncheon dress, haha). Then the rehearsal is at 5:30 and the rehearsal dinner is at 7!! So Exciting!!!!

After the rehearsal I'm going to stay with my parents. I want the wedding to be really special, so I don't want Jeremy to see me after the rehearsal dinner until he sees me walking down the aisle. I think that is going to be my favorite part. :)

Ahhhhh! I just can't wait to be Mrs. Jeremy Fudge!!!!!! It's so close!!!!

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