Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hi People!!

Sorry I've been so slack in my blogging. Not much has been going on. I've been working a lot lately. The store i work for has opened their kiosk in the mall and we don't have enough people to man the kiosk and the store so i've been going to the mall to help. I really hope i've been helping my co-workers. They know that i will do anything to help them out. :)

Casey (one of my maids of honor) came over for dinner tonight and it was sooo great to see her!!! I had such a good time showing her all of the wedding details i have so far! I'm so glad she doesn't have to work 70+ hours anymore so hopefully i'll get to see her more often now!

I'm planning my 2010 Halloween Party!! its going to be GREAT!! I'm going to make some really yummy and creepy food and its going to be a costume party! This is what jeremy and i are going to be:

Its going to be really fun! I'll let yall know more details as they come!
Well until next time!!!

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